June 8th, 2006

been forever

i am bored out of my mind.
today was an alright day. did some running around for ben's graduation party. i am doing more for his than i did for mine. i got all the stuff for the punch and i finally decided on his graduation present. hopefully he likes it. well he already knows what it is so i guess i can post it ha, i got him a digital camera. really nice too. i had to go big, you only graduate from high school once in your lifetime.
after my day of shopping and running around, i went to his baseball game. he pitched :] i was so proud of him. he was so good too. mom and dad stopped by to watch him, that was a surprise. dad didnt want to leave but he had stuff to do after work so he left after ben pitched four innings and batted. he left i think 7th inning.
tomorrow i gotta go get a bag and tissue paper for bens gift, start on ice rings for the punch, and help his mom start decorating. i might be staying the night there, actually i think i am. his mom asked us all to. and saturday i wont be home all day and sunday his a combined birthday party for his grandpa hoover and little 6 year old cousin lauren. so that will be fun.
but besides that, im not working or anything anymore. at least im not bumming it, im actually out doing crap but i need money so i think im gonna go job hunting next week.
hopefully someone comments me on this, i never get comments. how gay lol.

im on the phone with colleen so im gonna get going. talk to you all later.

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