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yay! i got my livejournal all so cute. hopefully people will start leaving me comments. well today i had no work again. so i got up at 830 i couldnt stay asleep for some reason. i let my puppy out and just got online to mess with my livejournal. ben left for columbus, well he is probably leaving right now during marketing class. he has a competition for marketing math and he made it to the state level. i am so proud of him. good luck hunny. i am going to miss him like crazy, he doesnt get back until like midnight saturday night. and then i think he works all day sunday. so ahh. i wont see him until sunday night. tonight we having dads birthday dinner. his birthday isnt until tuesday but my oldesr brother goes to laguna beach CA!!!! on sunday. he comes back wednesday, short trip but its for work, so i wouldnt complain. i am so excited for him, i told him i want lots of autographs of the LB people and a tshirt. lol oh and hollister i guess is close so hes gonna try to go there too. im pumped. well im gonna go do something productive for the day i suppose. im sick today too or else id be with my bestest who had the flu all week. blah. any plans? lemme know.

love, lisa
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