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oh monday monday

well hello there Monday morning.
i am sitting here at work and it is my first day back after a two and half week break. i am in the new datastream system closing out all these work orders. its a bummer. i was so excited to actually come back to work. i was climbing up the walls, being bored at home. its already 8:30 so i guess time has really flown since i got here. i got off on a bad start, so i hope the day gets better. i got up and curled my hair and now im all pretty but i got halfway to work and realized ididnt have my smuckers id so i had to turn around and run home. oh what a joy that was. then it seemed like everyone on 57 was going 5 mph. But finally I arrived at the smuckers parking lot and got into my office in time. Whew. She let me settle in a bit before throwing a stack full of these stupid work orders in my face. Oh how I cant wait to be standing in a classroom with 28 kids and writing on a chalkboard instead of sitting in an office with no windows, staring at a laptop screen all day. Whoo hoo. Oh yes I did get to upgrade to a laptop today. Usually im stuck on these 1980 compaq huge and bulky computers. But today, she gave me my own laptop from smuckers. I just bought myself a laptop from dell, but now I got one at work and one at home. Cuz im not allowed to take this one home. But its still pretty damn sweet. It’s a HP, ah so nice. Hmm anyhow on with my day. What else. I really want a cappuccino but the cafeteria doesn’t open until 9 around here, well for that stuff anyhow. Theres toast and bagels and donuts for free but im not hungry just want to be woken up. Shelly is in a good mood today. We just have made fun of datastream and its gay quirks lol. I like her, ill really miss her when I leave. Oh this weekend I got to go say bye to april. She decided to pick up her life and move it to South Carolina because shortly she will be getting a disconclusion from her marriage. I am excited for her and she promised I could vacation at her apartment whenever. She is a half hour from Hilton head and 2 hours from myrtle beach yay. Well I guess its probably time I get working on this second pile of work ordes. Well im off to work. I might write more later. J who knows.

Ahh I cant get my boy off my mind. LOVE YOU BEN
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